How Much Sex is Normal & How Often Should I Have Sex?

How Much Sex is Normal & How Often Should I Have Sex?

So, how much sex should I be having? Is my sex life normal? Am I having sex often enough? How can I get more sex? They're all questions we've asked ourselves before and there are a heap of answers. While we're not claiming to be 'sexperts,' we know our customers trust and rely upon our sex advice. So we're going to lay it out straight and tell you what a normal sex life looks like.

How Often Should I Be Having Sex?

Everyone has their own ideas about what a normal sexual relationship looks like. Should we be 'doing the deed' once a day or twice? Is once a week enough? How much sex is too much and will I be seen as a nymphomaniac if I want it every day? Well, there's one definitive answer and that's you should make love is as often as you and your partner want to.

For some couples, once a week is fine, while others once per day. While that may not seem like much, research from the American Archives of Sexual Behaviour found the average adult enjoyed sex around 54 times per year. This result was also replicated by another study in which researchers found that sex once a week made people feel the happiest. People who had more did not feel happier, while people who had less, described themselves as being unfulfilled. It looks like we can now say with some certainty, that having sex once a week is best for your well-being!

Here's What a Normal Sex Life Looks Like

What's normal for you now will be different from what was normal 5 years ago when it comes to your sex life. While getting older doesn't necessary mean less sex, it's the life changes which have the most impact on our sexual relationships. Having kids and working long hours are just two of the things which can put a damper on bedroom activities. While once a week seems to be the optimum for happiness, there's no such 'normal frequency' for sex which suits everyone.

Some couples find they need to schedule in their bedroom time together, with their busy lives making spontaneity a thing of the past. Others prefer to go with the moment, but if that moment never appears, then setting a date night may be a good idea.

But is once a week too often or not enough sex for you? If it's too much, it's time to explore the reasons why. Could it be that you're bored with the same routine and need to spice up your love life? Maybe things are a 'bit dry down there,' and you need some assistance in lubing up? Well, have we got the answers for you!

Struggling to Have Sex Often Enough?

Being intimate doesn't mean you need to have sex, yet the physical penetration is what we measure our sex life success upon. What if we were to turn it around and instead think of it as kissing, cuddling, touching and tasting as well? We can all do that, regardless of our busy schedules! Here are a few of our favourite adult toys and lingerie to get things started:

As always, we're here to help! Send us a private message and ask us to recommend the perfect sex toy or piece of adult lingerie for you!

Posted: Tue 29 May 2018