5 Signs He's Just Not Into You & How to Remedy That

5 Signs He's Just Not Into You & How to Remedy That

Girlfriend, trust your intuition. If you get the feeling that he's just not into you, you're probably right. But is that the end of the story? Should you cut your losses and move on, or is there hope for your relationship yet? Don't stress, because we're going to help you sort this out!

5 Signs He's Not That Interested In You Anymore

Have you noticed the spice has left your love life? Finding that your bedroom is just for sleeping nowadays? The chances are that his interest in you may have dropped. But before you start asking him what's happening, you need to be as certain as you can about what he's feeling. This means doing some observing about what's really happening in your relationship to see if his lack of interest actually is the problem, or if there is another issue. So to help you out, here are five simple signs which can show he's not that into you anymore.

  1. You're feeling like the third wheel, as he'd rather spend time with other women and not you.
  2. His eyes have been less focused on you and more on everyone else.
  3. He doesn't ask you about yourself, your day, your life, your friends and so on. He also forgets important things you have told him, such as your birthday.
  4. You're fed lots of excuses by him about everything under the sun.
  5. His body language around you has changed. He doesn't sit as close to you anymore and your intimacy levels have dropped.

If any of these signs have rung alarm bells for you, stop stressing. It may not be that bad. Let's chat about how you know when your relationship is over, or if it's time to spice things up and get this show back on the road.

Is My Relationship Over? Or Can It Be Fixed?

Sometimes relationships do end and there is nothing that you can do about it. At other times, they can be rocky but are salvageable. But how can you tell which category your relationship fits into?

Your relationship is over if:

  • either of you say it's over
  • he's cheated on you
  • he says he sees no future for you as a couple
  • he doesn't introduce you as his girlfriend or wife (if you are)
  • he flirts with other women

Your relationship may be fixed if:

  • you both want to try again
  • you are both prepared to put in the effort
  • you make each other laugh
  • either of you feel sick at the thought of ending it all and leaving
  • a future together can be pictured
  • you both enjoy each other's company

How Do I Spark Up My Relationship?

There are many wonderful and fun ways to put the spark back into your relationship, both in and out of bed. American sex therapist Dr Rachel Needle says that firstly you should ditch the myth that good sex must be spontaneous. It takes time and effort from both partners to build a fabulous life together and that includes your sex life! Some of the ways you can improve your relationship include:

  • kiss more often
  • remembering what it was like when you first met and replicating that again
  • plan your escapades in the bedroom. Do your research and find out what lingerie or attire you'd like each other to be wearing. Is there any specific fetish either of you would like fulfilled? What adult toys would you like to try?
  • be fully engaged and present during sex
  • spend time together trying new things and activities. This means investigating new ways of playing together, such as bondage and role play.
  • make a regular no wifi night and spend time talking together instead

Remember that building a solid relationship takes time, so don't rush things. After all, you've got the rest of your lives together! For more ideas about how you can spark up your sex life, take a look through our lingerie and adult toy shop now!

Posted: Tue 13 Mar 2018